The Happy Tailz Olympics is an online competition conducted by Happy Tailz, using social media as a platform, and with badass hampers from our sponsors as prizes. The Happy Tailz games are about exploring the relationship between pet parent and pet. So, all events are team events – pet parent and pet participate as a team when competing.

These Happy Tailz Olympics are sponsored by:

Petagascar is a full service grooming & pampering destination. We have branches in andheri (w), bandra (w), goregaon (w) & powai. We offer a pick up & drop service and also provide Home Visits to make it as convenient as possible for you. Here at Petgascar, every pets safety & experience comes first & yet we provide a warm non clinical environment, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your best friend is with people you can trust. Petgascar Pet Spa was founded in 2011 by Leisha Motwani.

How can you participate?

To participate you must shoot a video of you and your pet playing one of the games. This video must be shared on Instagram (compulsory) and/or Facebook using the hashtag #HappyTailzOlympics.

The competition will run from 17th to 30th November 2018. Please read all the rules and regulations below before making an entry.

Winners will receive prize hampers sponsored by Captain Zack, Petwale, Georgina’s Kitchen, Tag My Paws, Hoonar, Brinda’s Pet Bakery, House of Joy,Papa Pawsome, LANA Paws, Canine Craving, Just for Wags, Marsha n Buddy, Paws-A-Little, Paw Passionz, Pet Pooja, Petgascar Pet Spa, The Bolt Store, Wow Dog Box and HappyTailz.

Rules & Regulations –

  • The video must be a continuous video with no edits. Edited videos will be disqualified. Videos that are more than a minute long should be sent via WhatsApp to +91-831-071-5082. 
  • The time for solving the game will be measured from the moment the game in placed before the dog and until the game is completed. The full untouched game board must be visible at the start of the video.
  • Both pet parent and pet must be visible in the video.
  • This is a team event so encourage and play with your dog to solve the puzzle in the shortest time. However the team will be disqualified if the pet parent points out the location of the treats. You may use your voice to encourage your pet, but you cannot use your hands to guide your pet to the treats in the board.
  • – To set up the board for the game, you must have treats placed in the hollows as shown.
  • You are allowed unlimited entries between 17th and 30th Nov. 2018.
  • Only entries with the hashtag #HappyTailzOlympics will be valid.

Please follow all sponsors on Instagram. @capt.zack_india @petwale @georginaskitchen.blr @tagmypaws @brindaspetbakery @houseofjoyindia @papapawsome @thelanapaws @caninecraving @justforwags @marshanbuddy @pawsalittle @pawpassionz @petpooja_biscuits @petgascarpetspa @theboltstore @wowdogbox

(link format for instagram

– No Giveaway or Private Accounts please. If your account is private, it must be made public during the giveaway and for 48 hours afterward.

– Judges decision will be final.

– This competition is not sponsored, endorsed or otherwise affiliated with Instagram/Facebook Inc and shall adhere to all Instagram’s terms of use.

Entry Categories:

There will be 3 categories per game, and 6 games involved – Lucy, Linus, Sally, Frieda, Patty and Woodstock. Teams can participate in one or more categories. There will be 1 winner per category for each game. 

The categories per game are:

  • Rapid Fire Round: The team that completes the puzzle and finds all the treats in the least amount of time will win.

  • Most Accurate Play: The team that solves the puzzle by finding the treats correctly (without opening any parts without treats) in the least amount of time will win. 

Most Innovative Play: In this category teams have to find new and interesting ways to play the games differently. The team with the most innovative way to play will win.

Special Prizes to be Won – 

Bolt Store’s Most Surprising Game Solution

Brinda’s Pet Bakery’s Most Earnest Team

Canine Craving’s Most Ravenous Player

Captain Zack’s Clean Sweep Award

Captain Zack’s Most Funky Team

Captain Zack’s Most Graceful Player

Captain Zack’s Most Leisurely Player

Captain Zack’s Smooth Operator

Georgina’s Kitchen’s Most Focused Player

Hoonar’s Oldest 2-Legged Player

Hoonar’s Youngest 2-Legged Player

House of Joy’s Best Start Award

Just For Wags Most Waggiest Player

LANA Paws’s Most Vivacious Team

Marsha N Buddy’s Best Partneship Award

Papa Pawsome’s Oldest 4-Legged Player

Papa Pawsome’s Youngest 4-Legged Player

Paw Passion’s Most Waggish Entry

Paws-a-Little’s Most Novel Player

Pet Pooja’s Most Heart Warming Entry

Petgascar’s Most Fiesty Player

Petwale’s Most Persistent Team

Tag My Paws Most Ambitious Team

Wow Dog Box’s Mischief Maker