The Happy Tailz games are interactive games for you and your furry friend. Play puzzles together and see your dog light up!

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A change in routine

Break the monotony

Playing games with our dogs are a great way to break the tedium of your dog's day. Walk, food, nap, walk, food and long nap again! What next? Click on the header to Read More...

Bonding with your dog

One-on-one interaction

He/she is the love of your life. But how well do you really know them? Games are a way to get to know each other. As you play, you will start to read each other better. From facial expressions to body language... Click on the header to Read More...

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Is Mental Stimulation Important?

Older dogs and what they need

Keep them fit

Slowing down physically does not mean that our older dogs have slowed down mentally too. As they get older, it becomes difficult for them to play physical games... Click on the header to Read More...

Dogs with Disabilities

Dogs with disabilities

Just like older dogs, dogs with disabilities may have trouble with the more traditional physical games... Click on the header to read more...