The Happy Tailz games are divided into different levels based on the difficulty level. If you and your dog have not played games like these before, we recommend you start with a Level 1 game and move on from there. Not sure what to buy? Mail us on [email protected] and we will be happy to help you decide.

Put on a switch, open a drawer or close the fridge. Learn to open boxes (or maybe the garbage bin!) Push, pull and lift up. These are an example of the types of actions your dog will learn with the Level 1 games.

Fetch, Drop it. Be Gentle. Find the object! Some of the things your dog can learn with the Level 2 games.

Focus, and work one step at a time. the order of things is what you and your dog will learn with the Level 3 games.

Teach your dog that different actions lead to different outcomes and rewards. As your dog learns the actions, find innovative ways to translate these into tasks that they can perform at home.

Level 1 Games





Level 2 Games



Level 3 Games



The Peggy Game is available only on request. Please contact us to place an order.