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Dogs with disabilities

Just like older dogs, dogs with disabilities may have trouble with the more traditional physical games that we tend to resort to. Even dogs that are advised rest (maybe post surgery or because of an injury) need to keep themselves occupied. After all, how long can one sleep? Games like these can be great for such dogs and not to mention a great deal of fun for all! 

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Keep them fit

Slowing down physically does not mean that our older dogs have slowed down mentally too. As they get older, it becomes difficult for them to play physical games like fetch. We, as their caregivers also find it difficult to come up with activities that they can engage in. Sit down games like puzzles are the perfect solution.

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10 mins of Mental Stimulation = 1 hour of Physical Play in Dogs

Imagine a world where you had no need to use your mind at all? How boring would that be?!
Just like us, our dogs need to to keep themselves mentally fit and active too. Puzzles like the Happy Tailz games are a great way to  stimulate your dog’s mind and keep him mentally fit.

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One-on-one interaction

He/she is the love of your life. But how well do you really know them? Games are a way to get to know each other. As you play, you will start to read each other better. From facial expressions to body language, you will learn so much more about each other. Puppies learn best through play, with their humans and with each other. Keep playing and you will see the difference the games will make in your relationship.

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Break the monotony

Playing games with our dogs are a great way to break the tedium of your dog’s day. Walk, food, nap, walk, food and long nap again! What are you giving them to look forward to? From physical games to fetch and hide and seek, to board games like the Happy Tailz games, games are a great way to liven up an otherwise monotonous day for you and your pet.

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