Play Happy Tailz Bingo and you could get the chance to win some badass hampers from our sponsors! Now, get playing!

Inspired by Bingo (AKA Housie, Tambola), a centuries old game of skill and luck, Happy Tailz Bingo is a set of challenges that you must take on as a Team. The Bingo card contains 16 challenge squares and every week we will reveal two. Complete the challenge and compete to win the square. Didn’t win this week’s challenge square? No problem! This is Bingo! Keep at it! There’s more to be won!

Be the first to complete a set of squares and you could win a pattern! And let’s not forget the big prize! Complete all the squares to get a shot at the Grand prizes!

Happy Tailz BINGO Dates: 2nd June 2019 to 28th July 2019. 

Read on and get started right away! Click here to watch the instruction videos on How to Play the Happy Tailz Bingo.

Happy Tailz bingo is sponsored by:

Petagascar is a full service grooming & pampering destination. We have branches in andheri (w), bandra (w), goregaon (w) & powai. We offer a pick up & drop service and also provide Home Visits to make it as convenient as possible for you. Here at Petgascar, every pets safety & experience comes first & yet we provide a warm non clinical environment, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your best friend is with people you can trust. Petgascar Pet Spa was founded in 2011 by Leisha Motwani.

Instruction Videos on how to play Happy Tailz Bingo

How can you participate?

  • The competition is open to Everyone. Having one of our games is NOT a requirement.
  • To participate you must shoot a video of your pet and you completing a given challenge. This video must be shared on Instagram (compulsory) and/or Facebook using the hashtag #HappyTailzBingo.
  • The competition will run from 26th May to 21st July 2019. Please read all the rules and regulations below before making an entry.
  • Winners will receive prizes & hampers sponsored by Hoonar, Brinda’s Pet Bakery, Last Ripple, PetWale, Canine Craving, Pet Glam, Naturelix, The Bolt Store and HappyTailz.

Rules & Regulations:

  • Only video entries are valid. Videos can be edited before sharing. If your video is more than a minute long, you can use apps like Viva Video  to edit your video or Story Splitter  to cut your video into parts and post it as a multiple post on Instagram. See how to do that here.
  • Both pet parent and pet must be a part of/visible in the video.
  • Each challenge square must be done as a separate video. Multiple challenges cannot be combined into a single video.
  • Entries must include the hashtag #HappyTailzBingo and meet the requirements of the Challenge.
  • To claim a pattern, you must include the following text “<insert Pattern Name> Bingo!” in your post of the last square of the pattern.
  • The same square cannot be used to claim multiple patterns.
  • The challenges are experiential, so try out new things with your dog, get creative, have fun and above all play safe.
  • You are allowed unlimited entries.
  • Please follow all sponsors on @brindaspetbakery @petwale @caninecraving @theboltstore @naturelixindia @petglam_india @lastripple
  • No Giveaway or Private Accounts please. If your account is private, it must be made public during the giveaway and for 48 hours afterward.
  • Judges decision will be final.
  • This competition is not sponsored, endorsed or otherwise affiliated with Instagram/Facebook Inc and shall adhere to all Instagram’s terms of use.

How the game works:

  • The Bingo card has 16 challenge squares (8 white squares and 8 purple squares).
  • Each week two challenge squares will be revealed: one white and one purple square.
    • As you complete a challenge square, ‘claim’ it by sharing the video on Instagram. (please see rules and regulations for details on how to share and required tags for sharing).
    • To claim a square, teams must complete the challenges within the week (before the next two squares are revealed).
    • The best entry for a challenge square wins a prize every week.
    • Winning patterns:
      • Claim challenge squares every week to be able to claim a pattern.
      • Timing is everything. The first entry of the week that has completed the pattern will win the pattern.
      • The objective of the game is to win as many squares as possible and make the winning patterns.
      • Pattern winners will receive prizes from our sponsors.
    • List of patterns to be won:
      • 4 Corners
      • Jaldi 5 (any 5 squares)
      • Center Square
      • Jaldi 7 (any 7 squares)
      • Vertical Bamboo (Any one only)
      • Horizontal Bamboo (Any one only)
      • Diagonal (Any one only)
      • TailzzzzzzZ
      • Full House

    Pattern list and How to complete a pattern:

    Four Corners
    Centre Square
    Full House
    Jaldi 5 & Jaldi 7 Patterns
    Jaldi 7 (Any 7)
    Jaldi 7 (How to)
    Jaldi 5 (Any 5)
    Jaldi 5 (How to)
    Bamboo Patterns
    (Option 1)
    (How to)
    (Option 2)
    (How to)
    (Option 1)
    (Option 2)
    Diagonal Patterns
    Diagonal 1
    Diagonal 2
    Diagonal (How to)

    Prizes you can Win:

    • Each square holds a Prize. Every week, the team with the most innovative completion of the challenge will win a prize. Remember even if you don’t win the square, post your video to claim the square so you can try and win a pattern and the grand prizes. 
    • Purple Squares win you a Rs.250 discount voucher on any Happy Tailz Product. Happy Tailz vouchers can be combined and used. (Win enough vouchers to combine them and take home a game)
    • White Squares win you Special Prizes from Sponsors. (Brownie Points for mentioning the Sponsor in your video)
    • Each pattern holds a Hamper. The first Team to claim the pattern by mentioning <Pattern Name> Bingo in their post wins the Pattern.
    • Bonus Prize: Each week the most innovative use of a Happy Tailz game to complete the challenge wins a Rs.250 discount voucher on any Happy Tailz Product. This prize is in addition to the winning squares of the week and pattern prizes.

    Track Current status of Happy Tailz Bingo

    Claimed Patterns

    Unclaimed Patterns

    Four Corners
    Centre Square
    Full House
    Vetical Bamboo
    (Option 1)
    Veetical Bamboo
    (Option 2)
    Vertical Bamboo
    (How To)
    Diagonal 1
    Diagonal 2
    Diagonal (How to)