The Happy Tailz Olympics 2017 is closed. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for details on the next Happy Tailz Summer Olympics.

the Happy Tailz Olympics

Winners of the Happy Tailz 2017 Winter Olympics

Category: The Lucy Game


Hammer and Mahafrin


Taco and Sunder


Bella and Sunder



Category: The Linus Game


Bella and Pavithra


Tequila and Rajvi


Hammer and Mahafrin


Category: The Sally Game


Mitsy and Gargi


Hammer and Mahafrin


Tequila and Rajvi


Category: The Frieda Game


Hammer and Mahafrin


Mitsy and Gargi


Murphy, Mansi and Poorvaja


Special Awards:


Best Partnership Award: Leo and Luv


Most Novel Player Award: Catty and Shirin


Youngest Player Award: Cocoa and Karishma


Best Waggish Entry: Bageera


Most Vivacious Team: Maya and Yasmin


Most Ernest Team: Aioli and Anindita


Most Heartwarming Entry: Regan and Shirin


All About the 2017 Happy Tailz Olympics
For the first time ever, an online olympics with the Happy Tailz Games, using social media as a platform, and with badass hampers from our sponsors as prizes. Teams can participate in one or more categories; there will be 4 categories, one for each game – Lucy, Linus, Sally and Frieda.

The Happy Tailz games are about exploring the relationship between pet parent and pet. So, all events are team events – pet parent and pet participate as a team to solve the puzzle in the shortest and fastest time.

The team that completes the puzzle in the least amount of time will win. There will be 3 winners per category in 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

To participate you must shoot a video of you and your pet playing one of the games. This video must be shared on Instagram and/or Facebook using the hashtag #HappyTailzOlympics.

The competition will run from 11th to 19th November 2017. Please read all the rules and regulations below before making an entry.

All winners will receive prize hampers sponsored by Bone Appetite, Paws-A-Little, Live Out Loud, Raw Home Essentials, PetsApp, LANA, Brinda’s Pet Bakery, The Bolt Store, Hoonar, Sniggle, PawPad and HappyTailz.

Rules & Regulations –

– The video must be a continuous video with no edits. Edited videos will be disqualified.
– The time for solving the game will be measured from the moment the game in placed before the dog and until the game is completed. The full untouched game board must be visible at the start of the video.
– Both pet parent and pet must be visible in the video.
– This is a team event so encourage and play with your dog to solve the puzzle in the shortest time. However the team will be disqualified if the pet parent points out the location of the treats. You may use your voice to encourage your pet, but you cannot use your hands to guide your pet to the treats in the board.
– To set up the board for the game, you must have 2 treats placed randomly in the hollows for Lucy, Linus and Sally. For the Frieda game, all hollows must contain treats.
– You are allowed unlimited entries between 11th and 19th Nov. 2017.
– Only entries with the hashtag #Happy Tailz Olympics will be valid.
– No Giveaway or Private Accounts please. If your account is private, it must be made public during the giveaway and 48 hours afterward.
– Judges decision will be final.
– This is not sponsored, endorsed or otherwise affiliated with Instagram/Facebook Inc and shall adhere to all Instagram’s terms of use.



These Happy Tailz Olympics are sponsored by –
Bone Appetite – Baking for Your Best Friend

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Let the Games Begin! And may the odds be ever in your favour. 😃