About Linus

The Linus Game is a Level 1 game and comprises of 6 hollows and 4 sliders over them.

The challenge of the game lies in the dog figuring out how to push and pull the sliders to get to the treat below. Your dog will learn to use his mind, his paws, his nose and his mouth to do this.

Cost: Rs 2100

Make it interesting! As your dog learns to move the sliders to get to the treats, he/she is learning a whole new action. Stand the game on the side and teach your dog to paw on command. Once you have got this right you can teach them to put on a switch!


In this video we will take you through a step by step process on how to play the Linus Game.

Your human guides in this video are Arya, Freya and Preeti and your canine guides are Crimson and Nila.



Don’t let challenges stop you from playing. What problems have you faced when playing the Linus game?

Do let us know and we will try and help you with them.


You can innovate and play to make the Linus game more complex or just different. You could even use it to teach your dog how to paw or nudge with his nose or even combine the learnings from the Lucy game into the Linus game.


Happy Pets and Happy Humans!

Watch how other dogs are playing and innovating with the Linus game.