Patty: Coming Soon!

The Patty game works on the principle of moving the pegs to get to the treats. The game comes with a set of open pegs through which the dog can sniff the treats but has to move the peg to get to the treat.

The closed peg can be used as an add-on to take the game to the next level.



As your dog learns to move the sliding pegs in the board, they can learn a whole new action to perform with their nose and paws. They learn that pushing things around can be fun and rewarding. In addition, the obstacle on one side of the board forces them to figure out how to change the direction of the sliding peg to get what they want.

Watch this video to learn how to play the Patty Game:

Additional Info

Additional information

Weight 2.620 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 cm

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