The Happy Tailz Olympics is an online competition conducted by Happy Tailz, using social media as a platform, and with badass hampers from our sponsors as prizes. The Happy Tailz games are about exploring the relationship between pet parent and pet. So, all events are team events – pet parent and pet participate as a team when competing.

These Happy Tailz Olympics are sponsored by:

Petagascar is a full service grooming & pampering destination. We have branches in andheri (w), bandra (w), goregaon (w) & powai. We offer a pick up & drop service and also provide Home Visits to make it as convenient as possible for you. Here at Petgascar, every pets safety & experience comes first & yet we provide a warm non clinical environment, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your best friend is with people you can trust. Petgascar Pet Spa was founded in 2011 by Leisha Motwani.

How can you participate?

  • To participate you must shoot a video of your pet and you completing a given challenge. This video must be shared on Instagram (compulsory) and/or Facebook using the hashtag #HappyTailzOlympics.
  • The competition will run from 10th November to 15th December 2019. Please read all the rules and regulations below before making an entry.

Winners will receive prize hampers sponsored by Canine Craving, LANA Paws, Just For Wags, Pet Glam, Hoonar, For The Love of Dog, Wagr, Brinda’s Pet Bakery, Papa Pawsome, PetWale, Taste of Wild, Furdom and HappyTailz.

Rules & Regulations –

  • The competition is open to Everyone.
  • Only video entries are valid. The video must be a continuous video with no edits. Edited videos will be disqualified.
  • Each challenge must be done as a separate video. Multiple challenges/games cannot be combined into a single video.
  • If your video is more than a minute long, you can use apps like Story Splitter to cut your video into parts and post it as a multiple post on Instagram. See how to do that here. OR you can send the video via WhatsApp to +91-831-071-5082.
  • Both pet parent and pet must be a part of/visible in the video.
  • The time for solving the game will be measured from the moment the game in placed before the dog and until the game is completed. The full untouched game board must be visible at the start of the video.
  • This is a team event so encourage and play with your dog to solve the puzzle in the shortest time. However the team will be disqualified if the pet parent points out the location of the treats. You may use your voice to encourage your pet, but you cannot use your hands to guide your pet to the treats in the board.
  • To set up the board for the game, you must have treats placed in the hollows as shown for each week’s challenge on Instagram.
  • You are allowed unlimited entries between 10th November to 15th December 2019.
  • Entries must include the hashtag #HappyTailzOlympics and meet the requirements of the Challenge.
  • Please follow all sponsors on Instagram: @CanineCraving, @theLANApaws, @JustForWags, @PetGlam_India,, @ForTheLove_of_Dog, @MyWagr, @BrindasPetBakery, @PapaPawsome, @PetWale, @TasteofTheWild, @Furdom_
  • No Giveaway or Private Accounts please. If your account is private, it must be made public during the competition and for 48 hours afterward.
  • There are 7 categories. Teams can participate as many categories as they like.
  • Judges decision will be final.
  • This competition is not sponsored, endorsed or otherwise affiliated with Instagram/Facebook Inc and shall adhere to all Instagram’s terms of use.

Entry Categories:

  • There will be 7 categories of play. Teams can participate in one or more categories. There will be 1 winner per category.
  • Each week a new challenge with be announced for each category on our Instagram feed @HappyTailzGames. Teams must complete the challenge within the week.

The categories are:

  • DIY: Teams must recreate the challenge at home to participate.
  • LUCY: To participate in this category you must play the Lucy game.
  • LINUS: To participate in this category you must play the Linus game.
  • SALLY: To participate in this category you must play the Sally game.
  • FRIEDA: To participate in this category you must play the Frieda game.
  • PATTY: To participate in this category you must play the Patty game.
  • WOODSTOCK: To participate in this category you must play the Woodstock game.


  • The competition will run for 5 weeks.
  • Each week challenges will be revealed: one for each category.
  • Complete the challenge and share your video entry on Instagram. (please see rules and regulations for details on how to share and required tags for sharing).
  • Entries will receive between 0 – 5 points based on the following criteria each week.
    • human participation
    • speed
    • accuracy
    • team spirit
  • Teams are allowed unlimited entries. However only one entry per category will be accepted. The entry with the highest points will chosen by default.
  • Each week’s scores will be maintained on a Leaderboard (scroll to bottom). The Team with the highest total score at the end of 5 weeks wins. There will be 1 winner in each category.

Teams can use Trump Cards to gain advantage in the game.


  • These cards can be used by Teams to earn full points in a challenge OR submit a late entry to a challenge.
  • Each card can be used only once.
  • Teams can use only two Trump card’s in each category. (Choose when to use it wisely)
  • To use a Trump Card, Teams must mention the words “Trump Card Claimed” at the beginning of the text part of their entry.
  • Trump Cards can be earned though varies activities before the competition begins. (Reach out to us in Instagram to earn your first card.)

Prizes to be Won

  • Champion’s in each of the categories at the end of 5 weeks will received Prize Hampers sponsored by Canine Craving, LANA Paws, Just For Wags, Pet Glam, Hoonar, For The Love of Dog, Wagr, Brinda’s Pet Bakery, Papa Pawsome, PetWale, Taste of Wild, Furdom and HappyTailz.
  • Each week there will also be special prizes to be earned from sponsors. Details coming soon.

Special Prizes to be Won

  • For the love of Dog’s Team who Doesn’t Give Up. For the most persistent team. They may not have speed on their side, but their persistence always pays off.
  • PetWale’s Outdoor Duo. The Team that loves the outdoors. It’s all fun in the sun for them. Challenges must be played outdoors – Garden, Beach, Park, Lake,… Anywhere Out There.

  • Just for Wags Most Waggiest Player….  The dog with the most wag 😀

  • Wagr’s Most Spirited Player. This dog has itchy feet, he or she just doesn’t stay still and is always upto something…
  • Brinda’s Pet Bakery’s Most Earnest Team. This dog doesn’t rush in, this doggo using their mind and takes a slow & steady approach. 
  • LANA Paws Most Vivacious Team. There’s a chemistry and excellent communication between this dog and dog parent. They have great teamwork and enthusiastic participation irrespective of the result.


  • Pet Glam’s Most Stylish Team This Team’s glam quotient and chemistry, top the charts!
  • Hoonar’s Most Talented 2-legged Player Why should dogs have all the fun? 😉
  • Taste of The Wild’s Wild Child Award For the dog who is all grown up, but still has the goofy puppy in her/him.
  • Furdom’s Most Feisty Player For the gutsy dog who is too excited to win!
  • Papa Pawsome’s Most Awesome Pawsome A team that truly enjoys every task and shares a very special bond.
  • Canine Craving’s Cassius & Bailey Award Celebrating friendships & sibling love.