About Us (Freya and Preeti)

Cumulatively we have spent over 40 years with dogs and are still figuring out what makes them tick. Why they do the things they do and why is it that we are drawn to them so much.

Living with a dog is such an ego boost. To them you are the center of their existence and they want nothing more than to just be with YOU! But often times that is where we fail. In the process of caring for them and trying to figure out our own lives we don’t have the time, the patience or the energy for much more than a pat on the head or a cuddle while watching the tube.

It is when we failed at this in our own lives that we started to think of how to fix it. Our dogs needed more from us and we needed a way to figure this out. And so came the idea for the Happy Tailz games. A way to make our time with them more meaningful to them and to us.

The games have been a game changer (pun intended) in our lives. Now the dogs look forward to play time with us as they have so much fun with the games. And in multi-dog (Preeti’s got 11 and Freya’s got 5) homes we have finally found a way to spend one on one time with the dogs instead of having them all compete for our attention.

Try them and see the difference they make in your relationship too!

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